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Online Book Club – Vol 4: Following in the Buddha’s Footsteps

Venerable Gyalten Chimé

May 8 - June 26, 2024


On Zoom
Every Wednesday for 8 weeks
6:30 – 8:30pm Pacific Time

Zoom Link will be sent a day before the Wednesday night class.




None – Open to all students


It is recommended that participants read the first few chapters prior to the first Book Club session on May 8th.


About the Book

This weekly online book gathering will feature facilitated conversation, discussion and meditation sessions with Buddhist monastic Venerable Chimé.


Delve into the substance of spiritual practice in this fourth volume of the Dalai Lama’s definitive series on the path to awakening, Following in the Buddhas Footsteps. You’ll first hear His Holiness’s explanation of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, why they are reliable guides on the path, and how to relate to them. His Holiness then describes the three essential trainings common to all Buddhist traditions: the higher trainings in ethical conduct, concentration, and wisdom. These chapters show us how to live a life free of harm to self or others and give us detailed instructions on how to develop single-pointed concentration as well as the higher states of concentration available to an earnest practitioner. In addition, the chapters on wisdom contain in-depth teachings on the noble eightfold path and the four establishments of mindfulness for developing greater awareness and understanding of our body, feelings, mind, and other phenomena. Together, these topics form the core of Buddhist practice.


This is a book to treasure and refer to repeatedly as you begin the path, progress on it, and near the final goal of nirvāṇa.


About the Series: 

The Library of Wisdom & Compassion Series was created by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Venerable Thubten Chodron as a bridge between the extensive and profound Lamrim and the modern mindset and lifestyle. It brings the heart teachings and history of Buddhism forth in an easy to read format that is accessible to everyone.

The Buddha taught his students to investigate his teachings for themselves. The book club provides the space to do just that. It is a unique opportunity to discuss Dharma in a casual setting amongst friends. Through  discussion, break out group activities, Q & A, and meditation, Venerable Chimé will provide a safe space for learning, deep contemplation, and the exploration of some of the most profound and interesting topics known to humankind.

Join anytime !  Participants are not required to have attended previous book clubs to join. While it is highly recommended to purchase the book prior to joining the Book Club, if finances are an issue, please feel free to join  the group book club and all our discussions !





About Course Fees 

The collected donation fees include the general operating costs to put on such programs.  Retreat registrations help support the center to keep everything operating, allowing us to invite so many precious teachers, and to hold this precious space of 70+ acres of secluded redwood forest to allow guests to have the quiet, contemplative space to continue spiritual growth.  


Financial Aid/ Scholarships

We want to make the Dharma available to everyone, so no one will be turned away from this wonderful online course.  Simply use the “Pay What You Can” option to sign up for free – offering your time and practice to make this book’s material valuable to to the world.  Additionally, on registration you will find other options, if one would like to “Pay it Forward” to help sponsor others who may not be able to cover the usual operating costs for these programs.


Teacher’s Offerings

Traditionally, spiritual teachings are considered priceless.  Vajrapani will make an offering to the teacher at the end of the course, and we will share the teacher’s paypal too if others want to donate directly to the teacher.




Venerable Gyalten Chimé
Venerable Gyalten Chimé (Lisa DuPont, M.S.), is an American Buddhist monastic in the Tibetan, Gelug tradition with over 25 years of  experience in study and retreat in Tibetan Buddhism with numerous Tibetan Masters. Ven. Chimé also brings her many years of training & experience in psychology/neuroscience as a school psychologist and is a certified instructor of Emory University’s Cognitively Based Compassion Training (CBCT).
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