Upcoming Retreats

  • Camping – $585.00
  • RV/Camper Van – $657.00
  • Women's Dorm – $774.00
  • Men's Dorm – $774.00
  • Women's Quad – $993.00
  • Men's Quad – $993.00
  • Private Room- Twin Bed – $1,269.00
  • Private Room- Double bed – $1,269.00
  • Private Cabin #1 - "Vajrapani" – $1,404.00
  • Private Cabin #2 - "Chenrezig" – $1,404.00
  • Private Cabin #3 - "Vajrayogini" – $1,404.00
  • Private Cabin #4 - "Chakrasamvara" – $1,404.00
  • Private Cabin #5 - "Tara" – $1,404.00
  • Private Cabin #6 - "Yamantaka" – $1,404.00

Nyung-Nä Retreat – SAVE THE DATE

Venerable Charles

July 5 - 14, 2024


Retreat will be in early July but dates are tentative. Registration will open once the dates are finalized.  Sign up for wait list to receive updates once available.  Waitlist people will get priority for registration.

About the Retreat

Nyung-Nä is an intensive practice of purification of negative karmas accumulated by the body, speech, and mind. Each session lasts two days and combines the Thousand Arms Chenrezig (Buddha of Compassion) practice with the observance of fasting and silence.


To engage in this practice, it is preferable to have taken the refuge vows and, if possible, to have received a complete initiation (tib. wang) of the kriya tantra or, at the very least, to have, from the bottom of one’s heart, faith in the Buddha and his teachings. It is said that doing 8 consecutive Nyung-Näs closes the door to a rebirth in the underworld.


Please sign up for the waitlist to receive notification once registration opens.  Partial attendance may be possible as well. We will post more information and email the waitlist people once we know more.


Venerable Charles
After being a resident at VajraYogini Institute, Venerable Charles was ordained in 1989. Then he spent many years in solitary retreat in the Pyrenees and in California. He has been guiding every year the 108 Nyoung-Nés retreats for several years now. He is a fully ordained monk guiding Nyoung Naes 9 months a year and doing solitary retreat the rest of the year.
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