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Nyung Nae Retreat

Venerable Charles

July 5 - 14, 2024

“Nyung naes take such a short time, but brings strong purification. So many eons can be purified in this life; it makes it so easy to have attainments.” – Kyabjé Lama Zopa Rinpoche

A “Not To Be Missed” Nyung Nae Retreat with Venerable Charles!

Venerable Charles leads Nyung Nae retreats around the world, including an annual month long Nyung Nae retreat in France every year.  We are humbled and honored to have Venerable Charles to lead this precious Nyung Nae retreat, our first since reopening after the pandemic.

If you have a wish to purify yourself quickly to develop your heart and mind to benefit all benefit to all beings, Nyung Nae is the answer. This devotional practice involves visualizing Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion, reciting prayers and mantras, and performing prostrations.  Each session lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours. Day 2 also involves refraining from eating and drinking as well as observing silence.

The full retreat will complete 4 full Nyung Naes.

We hope you are able to take advantage of this unique opportunity here in the States to attend all or part of this special retreat blessed with Venerable Charles’ profound experience in the practice.


Can I Only Attend Part of the Retreat?

It is possible to sign up for only 1, 2, or 3 Nyung Naes instead of the full four.  To do this please email spc@vajrapani.org to coordinate the shortened registration and pricing.

Student Level

To engage in this practice, it is best to have taken the Refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and if possible, to have received an initiation (tib. wang) of the Action Tantra. However, it is also possible to attend if you have generated a level of faith and conviction in the Buddha and his teachings.

If you have never done Nyung Nae before it is preferable to attend the very first Nyung Nae offered here so you receive an explanation of the practice on the first evening of the retreat.





Venerable Charles
After being a resident at VajraYogini Institute, Venerable Charles was ordained in 1989. Then he spent many years in solitary retreat in the Pyrenees and in California. He has been guiding every year the 108 Nyoung-Nés retreats for several years now. He is a fully ordained monk guiding Nyoung Naes 9 months a year and doing solitary retreat the rest of the year.
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