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Green Tara Weekend Retreat to Mitigate Global Warming

Venerable Gyalten Chimé

March 24 - 26, 2023

“The threat of climate change is not limited by national boundaries — it affects us all.
We must work to protect nature and the planet, which is our only home.”
His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Join us for a weekend intensive of Green Tara practice to purify the obstacles for the success of efforts to address the global climate crisis.


Since end of December 2022, a multi-state group has been reciting the Tara mantra with the motivation to purify our collective harm as humans to the environment and its inhabitants. We aim to create the causes to bring swift action to mitigate global warming through invoking Tara’s blessings.  For more information on the 10 million mantra, multi-state effort please visit www.10milliontaras.com


This weekend retreat will allow us to come together and do group practice sessions of Green Tara recitations.  Additional to the mantra recitation sessions, Ven. Chime will offer extended time for meditation sessions using glance meditations on lamrim and bodhicitta to enhance setting the motivation for our practice sessions.



Day 1 – Check-in (3-5pm), welcome talks , evening session

Day 2 – Multiple practice sessions, discussion groups

Day 3 – Final practice session, closing, lunch and checkout


Student Level

All levels of students are welcome to attend.  No initiation to Tara is required for this weekend retreat.



Partial silence – we will keep silence in the gompa and library in between sessions, along with strict silence from the end evening sessions until end of breakfast the next morning.


Covid Policy – Rapid Tests Required

To ensure everyone stays healthy and can participate in the retreat, we require everyone to take a home rapid covid test within 24 hours of arrival. Guests should take the test before coming and can share a negative result by emailing office@vajrapani.org or showing the negative test result upon arrival.

Please note that it is the guest’s responsibility to get a rapid test (available at local pharmacies) and take it before arrival.  While we do stock some rapid tests, our supply goes down quickly, and we can’t stock enough for every guest.   PCR test results are also ccepted.  Vaccine/Booster status cards do not negate the need for a negative rapid test result.

For further protection, people are also welcomed to wear masks if they’d like.  Masks aren’t required as we require the negative test results.  All shared rooms have air purifiers in them (gompa, dorms, quads, etc).  We appreciate your consideration and kindness while we all try to stay safe for a wonderful event.


10% Proceeds will go to International Rescue Committee (IRC)

It’s important to practice engaged Buddhism as well, and in that spirit, we are donating 10% of proceeds from this retreat to IRC.  The IRC helps communities respond to the changing climate by mapping climate hazards and developing early warning systems, supporting local efforts to manage natural resources and conserve water, and training people in sustainable livelihoods. Throughout all this work, they put the needs of women and girls at the center of their programs.

The IRC also partners with other organizations to advocate for policy changes to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lessen the effects of climate change on people with the least power and fewest resources.


Additional Information


Additional Resources


Fees (includes accommodation, 3 meals a day, and facility costs)

The base fees listed above reflect the true cost of hosting visitors and are higher as a result. If you are financially able, we encourage you to please pay these fees.  That said, we also offer subsidized fees designed to allow as many people as possible to attend. These fees are supported by generous contributions to Vajrapani Institute. You can access those fees by using a discount code that will be provided to you at registration checkout. The accommodations are the same for both options.


Financial Aid/ Scholarships

We want to make retreat available to everyone. With this in mind, we will gladly work out a payment plan with you.If you need even more assistance, we offer several scholarships. Please note that the scholarship deadline is one month before retreat begins.

If you have additional questions after reviewing the guidelines for payment plans and/or scholarships, please email the Office at office@vajrapani.org





Venerable Gyalten Chimé
Venerable Gyalten Chimé (Lisa DuPont, M.S.), is an American Buddhist monastic in the Tibetan, Gelug tradition with over 25 years of  experience in study and retreat in Tibetan Buddhism with numerous Tibetan Masters. Ven. Chimé also brings her many years of training & experience in psychology/neuroscience as a school psychologist and is a certified instructor of Emory University’s Cognitively Based Compassion Training (CBCT).
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