Spring 2021

Spring 2021

Spring has officially arrived and with it a sense of renewal, a spark of hope. Trees are leafing and blossoming. So many wildflowers dot the hillsides. Bees are buzzing and early morning birds chatter like townsfolk exclaiming the beauty of this valley. 

Living a quiet life, especially since everything came to a halt with the advent of the pandemic, I reflect and am saddened by the great loss and pain experienced by so many in this country and around the world. Having personally received the vaccine, I feel a spark of hope, of renewal, and a great wish that as a world nation we might remember to help one another, to benefit one another, to hold others dear. 

May we have the leisure to pause and rejoice in nature’s beauty. May we all be well and happy. May we realize our full potential.



Black-headed Grosbeaks 

fill the valley with songs of

praise and thanksgiving.


Jays squawk “Good Morning.”

Jostling for position, they

snatch the torma cake.


Be still. Listen to

the song of gratitude for

nature’s abundance.


When will you take some

time to watch the hawk gliding

beneath wispy clouds?


We long for that which

we already have hidden

deep within our hearts.