Nurturing the Land: Letting Its Magic Shine

Nurturing the Land: Letting Its Magic Shine

by Heidi Oehler, Vajrapani Institute’s Executive Director


It’s time to take a deep exhale. Time to breathe and be.

How often do you get caught up in the doing? The going? The ‘making’ things happen? Sensing into this energy, can you feel the quality of this? Can you feel the pushing? The tightness? The pressure ‘to do’ sometimes has a quality of justification…. We fall into justifying our existence using old success-based models that value our worth according to how much, or what, we accomplish. If we aren’t ‘achieving,’ then who are we?

Now I say again, it is time to take a deep breath and let go into the exhale. Let go of the striving and come into being. Feel your feet on the ground. Feel yourself sitting and notice how you are held, just as you are. Feel how you are enough, just as you are. Breathe and just be. Can you let yourself be? Tuning into this being who is here right now and noting what wants to emerge from here?

To me, these words reflect a need that is present in our wider culture, and they are also deeply true for us here on the land of Vajrapani. This magical place has been through so much transformation, with big projects and infrastructure upgrades. Now we have arrived at a place where we can breathe and tune in.

Last winter I made a painting (pictured above). It was a meditation on the balance of being and doing. Rather than focusing directly on the ‘doing’, I’ve been exploring dropping into the ground from where it all arises and letting the doing naturally unfold from there. When the doing comes from this place, it is clearer, wiser, and in greater alignment with the natural energies around and within us. Not forced or controlled. It’s like becoming the channel from which the magic of this place can become manifest.

So what is happening now, here on the magical land of Vajrapani? Seeing, tuning into the being of this place, feeling into it as a living, breathing organism, I see it wants to be nurtured and at this time we are in a great place to nurture it and let it shine.  To let it radiate and to plant seeds for it to thrive, and through this caring, to create a space where all who come here can thrive as well. We are in a place free of emergency, free of pushing; a place where deep connections can be tended to.

So today, we invite you to take a deep breath with us, and we share with you a vision of how thriving and aliveness come by returning again to being and to ‘the being’ of the places we inhabit and call home. Vajrapani offers a special example of this profound way of being. Our vision is one of nurturing ‘beingness’ so that it may radiate out and let the magic delight those all around.

More details on what ‘doings’ will come from this and how you can help support this time of nurturing at the center will be coming soon, but for now, take a deep breath with us and delight in your aliveness, delight in the exhale and delight in what is here right now in your very being just as you are.

With much love,

Heidi and the whole Vajrapani Team