Innate Creative Vigor

Innate Creative Vigor

Here at Vajrapani Institute, we are blessed with a very rare gift to help hold a sacred container for all people on their spiritual paths. Along with an amazing calendar of group retreats all year long, we also offer a special opportunity to go on private retreat here. So often, we receive feedback that Lama’s Ridge, where our seven beautiful private cabins sit, is blessed with deep, divine energy that has karmic ties to Lama Yeshe. Sparking a human’s innate creative vigor and transcending the mental realms to get to the truest center of the soul. Here is a poem and note from Michelle – a wonderful being who recently went on a private retreat at our center:


“As the sun sets, the birds call each other to start getting ready to sleep

The squirrels do too, as well as deer.

The night is underway, their stomachs full, they call on their mates to nest.

The crickets start their song.

I no longer hear my ears ringing; it has been drowned by their song.

I only feel one with them, with nature, with life itself.

When the day creatures sleep, the night shift begins.

As I eat my soup and salad (thank you Vajrapani kitchen staff! I appreciate you so much!) and write this, a beautiful blue bird frolics around me.

Hi Mr. Blue Jay, we know each other, I see.

Your mate is calling, go sleep, for now, I’ll see you again.

May you live your life free.

And tomorrow, as the sun rises, the crickets will sleep.

Birds will once again sing their birdsong, as if to say, “Hey, look at me! I’m awake and I’m still free!”

It is a cycle, you see.

A reminder that we alone can set ourselves free.”


Thank you, Vajrapani staff! My mind is blissful, my heart and stomach full. Thank you for the hospitality and insights. Will be back soon for sure!

Much love and gratitude,

Michelle 9/11/2019