Heartbeat Fund

Yes! Count me in!

I want to join others in giving to the Heartbeat Fund and be a part of supporting the magic Vajrapani Institute offers the world.

Your contribution is taking a stand for wisdom and compassion in the world by ensuring that places such as Vajrapani Institute are well cared for, for many years to come.

The space is ripe with so much potential right now.  It’s a spectacular chance for us to truly nurture this precious retreat container: a unique place that benefits so many. It’s also a great chance to take care of vitally important upgrades before they turn into emergencies and more costly projects.


For so many of us, Vajrapani has offered a rare opportunity to exhale, to sit with quiet and clarity, to deepen our learning, to discover peace and to connect with others. For many, it has offered an essential space for healing. There is something magical here. It is from this space that the Heartbeat Fund was created.


The Heartbeat Fund has been set up to enlist your help in caring for our land and letting its magic shine. We have a list of projects that are about access; that are about taking care of our extended family; that are about being ready to safely meet the next extreme weather event that might emerge, and that are about caring for the Institute’s aging structures. In this time of ‘collective exhale’, will you please consider making a year-end gift to fuel Vajrapani’s vital heartbeat?

Here is what we are working on this month, and in the coming year:

Proactively rebuilding some parts of our access roads so that we shore them up for rain, insuring you can always find your way safely to our door! Vajrapani’s roads are the essential arteries of this center.

Showing love and care for our team: by complying with wage increases approved by California voters; and by adjusting our budget to invest in essential staff housing safety upgrades.

Tending to the overall safety and health of the land by mitigating potential fire threats though brush clearing and fire proofing.

Caring for our myriad aging infrastructure issues such as fixing leaking gutters, replacing rotting porches and repairing roof overhangs.

Continuing work on the Prayer Wheel, which is already starting to work its profound magic - taking your good wishes and amplifying their positive energy exponentially.

Now is our chance to get to some vitally important – if not super glamorous – projects. Would you help us, please? We invite you to think big and offer the most generous contribution you can … This way we can move towards our $150,000 fundraising target as we breathe strength into the vital heartbeat of Vajrapani.


100% of your contribution to Vajrapani Institute is tax deductible and goes  towards keeping the heartbeat of this amazing place alive and thriving.


Thank you for being with Vajrapani during this sweet moment of clarity and for helping us with your donation. With shored-up foundations, we can welcome you back to a stronger, well-cared-for center.


If you’re interested in finding out more, sponsoring other projects at Vajrapani, considering a planned gift through our legacy program, qualified charitable distributions, or appreciated securities, please email me: heidi@vajrapani.org.

There is something magical here. It is from this space that the Heartbeat Fund was created.

Vajrapani Institute is affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition www.FPMT.org