2018 Prayer Wheel Update

2018 Prayer Wheel Update

In 2018 we finally broke ground on the construction of the Great Compassion Wheel which now resides at the heart of Vajrapani Land.  

Permits were acquired (which in itself is no small feat), the foundation was poured and steel framing was set in place.

Through kind words, donations, and fortunate karma, in 2019 enough funds were raised, including borrowing from Vajrapani’s general fund in order to release the kind donation of an anonymous donor who pledged $200,000 toward the creation of this special project. All of your donations are a testimony towards taking a stand for bringing the force of compassion to our world!  

While the beginning of 2019 gave us one of the wettest winters yet, therefore slowing down construction progress, non the less, the structure is taking shape and progress is continuing to unfold amidst small breaks carved out in between our group retreats, facility rentals and private retreat cabin bookings. The wood roof has now taken shape. The structural and mechanical engineers have created designs and manufactured the parts for the enhanced structure of the wheel so that it can eventually hold the 18 tons of weight 5 trillion mani mantras of compassion adds up to.  Unfortunately many of the old parts of the originally donated wheel could not be used to hold that weight, therefore, new parts were designed and built. Included in this is a sophisticated bearing system that will be able to turn that weight with the push of a single person.

As with any virtuous project, this beauty seems to have its own rhythms and life, it cannot be rushed it seems, but slowly, one step at a time it’s unfolding into a magical gem at the heart of the center.  Over the next years we will continue to raise the remaining funds for the full 5 trillion mantras, coming in at almost $500,000 alone.  

We are deeply inspired by all of those who have given towards this project and who will continue to give.  Maybe the next time you visit you will be able to spin the wheel yourself!