2018 Infrastructure Highlights

2018 Infrastructure Highlights

In 2018, Vajrapani Institute underwent several important infrastructural shifts that have all contributed to the growth and thriving nature of our land. 

Our new power system has been up and running since November 2018. Through the winter clouds, the new generator ran approximately 80 hours total and has not run since early March 2019 when the sky cleared and gorgeous sun rays kissed the land again.  Compare this with the old power system where the generator ran around 600 hours total November through March and every day or two during the summer.  

Basically, we are close to running fully on solar power alone!  Not only has this helped to create a more stable power system for the center, it’s helping to reduce our use of fossil fuels, the cost of utilities and creating a much quieter and more conducive environment for contemplation!

Again, from my heart I want to thank all the amazingly generous donors who helped to make this project a reality!  While the center had planned on taking out a $500,000 loan to accomplish this project, our hearts and minds were blown wide open with the generosity of one particularly large anonymous donor that allowed us to complete the project. This is truly a system that will last for many years and generations to come! 

In 2019, we will continue to finish up the last remaining touches to the new system and safety upgrades that will continue to support Vajrapani flourishing well into the future. These remaining upgrades are estimated to cost $75,000.

With continued development on our infrastructure work outlined in last year’s annual report we were also able to build a large retaining wall on the west side of the main building to hold the foundation steady against further downhill erosion which was threatening the safety of the building.  Plus, we also broke ground, poured the foundation and starting building our great prayer wheel of compassion which has been many years in the making.