2017 Annual Report

Annual Report 2017

Despite rocky roads and troubled waters, with your help, we had a great year.

From Storms to a Record Breaking Year

The best laid plans…. Our plans for 2017 were wrecked by storms. In its wake, a record breaking year emerged with a stronger community and rebuilding often improving what was before.

A Whole New Foundation

Because of the kindness of community members like you, we’re building a whole new foundation with which to cultivate our inner selves. In 2016 we formed the plan to upgrade our entire infrastructure, from electric, to water, to communications. In 2017, we broke ground…

Stormy Weather, Rocky Roads and Bodhisattvas Like You

Thanks to contributors like you, we were able to secure essential funding to get future buddhas and bodhisattvas here safely.


From the power of youth to the lessons of aging, we had a lot to explore and say this past year. See some of our blog’s 2017 highlights:

Thrashed by Extreme Storms

Mother Nature has a habit of showing us that we are not invincible and that everything we build and strive for is impermanent.

Dharma, Activism & Interfaith: Is It Time to Step Up?

Catherine Slocock speaks to leaders from our Wise Heart Youth program about the intersection of Buddhism and childhood education.

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A Farewell from Our Executive Director

Our Executive Director announces her resignation.

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What Are the Three Things A Dying Person Needs from You Most?

See what Lennie Kronisch has to say about these challenging times.

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2017 By the Numbers

From the power of youth to the lessons of aging, we had a lot to explore and say this past year. See some of our blog’s 2017 highlights:

205,650 Hoursin Nature

Nature We helped people experience 205,560 hours of the peace, serenity, and inherent mindfulness of the natural world.

5.25 Miles
of Piping Installed

We installed 27,765 ft of water, gas, communication and electrical piping in incredibly difficult mountainous terrain.

22 Retreats
Added to Our Calendar

In 2017 we got to work preparing a great retreat calendar for 2018, and we are so excited to watch it pay off!

5,260 People
got a respite from the internet

Internet access is very limited at Vajrapani Institute, and that is also a good thing!

Children and teens learned about Buddhism

Our Wise Heart Youth Program was a great time in 2017.

75 People
Evacuated Due to Fire

This summer, we had to evacuate 75 people due to a forest fire. Everyone and everything was safe!


Our Staff are the pillars of this community. They fulfill all the necessary functions of a busy retreat center. But it’s the spirit of harmony that shines brightest.


The Executive Director is responsible for managing and supervising the finances of Vajrapani Institute, as directed by its Board of Directors.


Vajrapani Institute receives revenue and support primarily through donor contributions and retreat revenue. Retreat revenue consists of FPMT retreats, individual private retreats, and group facility rentals. For the year ended December 31, 2017, total revenue and support was $1,465,718, consisting of retreat revenue of $345,591, donor contributions of $1,080,832, and other support of $39,295.


For the year ended December 31, 2017, total operating expenses were $712,805, other expenses, net were $56,918, resulting in an increase in net assets of $695,995.


During 2017, Vajrapani Institute invested $575,533 in property and equipment improvements, including upgrading the center’s electrical system and other utilities ($416,212), storm and road repairs ($61,347), and continued planning work on the Prayer Wheel Project ($11,099).


Temporarily restricted net assets at December 31, 2017 consist of donor restricted funds for the Prayer Wheel Project ($25,408), Storm Relief ($10,977), Road Repairs ($14,392) and the Wisdom Culture Legacy Fund ($47,111).

Vajrapani Institute is affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition www.FPMT.org