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Meditation Retreat with His Eminence the 7th Kyabje Yongzin Ling Rinpoche

Ling Rinpoche Buddhist meditation retreat

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August 17-19, 2018



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What is it?

We are excited to announce a Lam Rim meditation retreat by His Eminence the 7th Kyabje Yongzin Ling Rinpoche. His Eminence has very kindly accepted our request and agreed to offer a teaching on The Foundation of All Good Qualities by Lama Tsongkhapa, as well as two Kriya Tantra initiations, Manjushri and Vajrapani.

Program schedule with Rinpoche:

  • Saturday 10am-noon, 2-4pm: Teaching on Foundation of All Good Qualities
  • Sunday 2-5pm: Manjushri and Vajrapani initiations

(Please note that times may change depending on Rinpoche’s deciding what’s best for students.)

Full weekend schedule:

  • Friday 7pm: Preparatory teaching with Elaine Jackson, the Resident Teacher at Vajrapani Institute
  • Saturday 7am: Meditation led by Elaine Jackson (and as advised by Rinpoche)
  • Sunday 7am: Meditation led by Elaine Jackson (and as advised by Rinpoche)
  • Plus Rinpoche’s teachings as mentioned above


Participants can register for the following packages:

  • Entire weekend Friday through Sunday.
  • Teachings on Saturday only.
  • Teachings on Sunday only

Please note that residential retreatants must register for the entire weekend.  For Saturday and Sunday only teachings, commuting is the registration option. Please register separately for both days.   Unfortunately, we are not able to provide accommodation to participants for specific days.

The Foundation of All Good Qualities is a classic short text on the Lam Rim — the stages on the path to enlightenment.  It has been used by countless masters and practitioners as a basis on which to meditate on the entire path.  Countless teachers (including H.H. the Dalai Lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche among others) have taught this text and Rinpoche’s modern commentary will be a wonderful addition to the long tradition.

We are very fortunate to receive the initiations of Manjushri and Vajrapani.

Manjushri is first referred to in early Mahayana sutras such as the Prajnaparamita sutras and, through this association very early in the tradition, he came to symbolize the embodiment of prajñā (transcendental wisdom).





Vajrapani is one of the earliest bodhisattvas in the Mahayana tradition.  He symbolizes the power of all the buddhas to bring truth even in times of darkness.




Who is it for?

Although this retreat can be attended by beginners, a prior background in Buddhism is helpful to get the most out of this retreat. For the initiations on Sunday, it is important to have an understanding of guru devotion and its centrality on the Buddhist path, especially the significance and implications of a guru-disciple relationship in relation to tantric initiations and practice.

There will be no commitments for the initiations.

Further information

Read more about tantra and initiations in a teaching given by Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche here.

Kyabje Ling Rinpoche is also teaching at other Bay Area centers and holding a public talk at the University of California, Berkeley sponsored by the Bay Area centers.  You can find more information at:

  • 17 August 2018 to 19 August 2018

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Teacher Bio

Ling Rinpoche Buddhist meditation retreat

His Eminence the 7th Kyabje Yongzin Ling Rinpoche

His Eminence the 7th Kyabje Yongzin Ling Rinpoche was born in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, in 1985. In 1987, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama recognized him as the reincarnation of His Holiness the 6th Kyabje Yongzin Ling Rinpoche (1903 – 1983), who was the most Senior Tutor of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

The 6th Kyabje Yongzin Ling Rinpoche was His Holiness’ main teacher and spiritual advisor throughout his lifetime and accompanied His Holiness when he fled into exile from Tibet in 1959. His Holiness refers to him as “my Root Guru”. He was also the 97th Gaden Throne Holder - the supreme head of the Gelugpa tradition, which is the largest tradition in Tibetan Buddhism.

Beginning with Charka the Arhat Udhay during the time of Lord Shakyamuni Buddha, twenty previous incarnations of H.H. the 6th Kyabje Yongzin Ling Rinpoche have been identified, including Tutors to His Holiness the 6th, 11th and 13th Dalai Lamas; the 48th and 75th Gaden Throne Holders; as well as kings, yogis, scholars, and lay adepts prominent in the spiritual histories of India and Tibet.

H.E. the 7th Ling Rinpoche has completed all five Geshe Studies subjects (Logic, Perfection of Wisdom, Middle Way, Higher Knowledge, and Monastic Discipline) and was awarded His Geshe Degree from Drepung Loseling Monastic University in South India, in November 2016. H.E. 7th Ling Rinpoche has also recently completed a year of further studies at Gyuto Tantric College in Dharamsala. His Holiness the Dalai Lama continues to closely guide Him.

H.E. the 7th Ling Rinpoche has traveled to teach in many countries including in Asia and Europe, Australia, Canada, The United States & Israel, as well as in many Tibetan settlements throughout India, Nepal and the Himalayan regions.

See also a detailed biography.
For more information visit
Ling Rinpoche's official website.

Elaine Jackson

Elaine Jackson, Resident Teacher of Vajrapani Institute, is a founding member of Vajrapani Institute and has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism since 1977. She has studied with many of the greatest Buddhist teachers of our time including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Lama Thubten Yeshe, Kyabje Zong Rinpoche, Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche and many others too numerous to list. Elaine is known for the warmth and humor with which she teaches. In particular, she loves sharing the wealth of practical insights she has gained from her years of retreat and service within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Elaine served as Executive Director of Vajrapani Institute for over five years and has also completed a three-year meditation retreat. She lives a contemplative life off-the-grid in the Santa Cruz mountains while offering Dharma teachings and meditation support.

Teacher’s fees

Traditionally, spiritual teachings are considered priceless; remuneration of our teachers is not included in the fee information detailed on this page. Instead, we invite you to consider bringing a cash donation with you to express your gratitude for the teachings. (Participants get a chance to present a cash offering to the teachers on the last day of the retreat and this is supplemented by a donation from Vajrapani Institute.)


Option A is a slightly lower cost designed to allow as many people to attend as possible.  Option B reflects the true cost of hosting visitors and is higher as a result.  The accommodations are the same for both and you can choose whichever price suits your financial needs.

10% membership discounts are applicable for members.


Residential full package fees, Friday evening – Sunday 5pm (includes teachings, accommodation and meals)

Option A Option B
Camping $310 $375
Dorm $340 $390
Semi-private room $360 $395
Private room $430 $480
Private room – extra person $310 $340
Cabin $540 $595
Cabin – extra person $470 $540


Single-day package fees, Saturday and Sunday (includes teachings and lunch)

Option A Option B
Foundation of All Good Qualities $75 $110
Manjushri/Vajrapani Initiations $50 $85

Rinpoche has said that for the initiations, students need to be Buddhist (ie. they should have faith in Three jewels ), and also they need to have faith in the teachings and the deity. The initiations cannot be attended as a “blessing”.

Rinpoche will not give commitments.