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Wise Heart Family Camp

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Join us for our annual Family Camp on July 25-28!

The theme of this year’s camp is Chenrezig, the enlightened energy of compassion. What is compassion? How do we perform acts of compassion with wisdom? What is a Bodhisattva and how does that relate to compassion? How can we practice compassion in action? Our project this year will be prayer wheels! We will be learning all about prayer wheels from what’s inside them to how they work! Each child will make their own table top prayer wheel with microfilm mantras and their own wishes for the world!

Since 1994, Family Camp has been providing families with children 5-12 the opportunity to learn more about their interconnections with each other in the frame of traditional Buddhist thinking and practice. In a mix of play and structure, both kids and adults have the opportunity to do an art project or two, meditate in age-appropriate groups, enjoy a docent-led nature walk, learn how to offer water bowls, participate in or applaud a talent show, and much more. This annual event aims to instill in participants an appreciation of the value of loving-kindness in daily life.

  • 25 July 2019 to 28 July 2019

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