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The Supreme Siddhi of Mahamudra

Tenzin Palmo with blossoms

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June 8-10, 2018



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What is it?

The Drukpa Kagyu lineage is renowned among the traditions of Vajrayana Buddhism for producing some of the greatest yogis from across the Himalayas. After spending many years in mountain retreats, these meditation masters such as Gampopa, Tsangpa Gyare, Drukpa Kunleg, and Pema Karpo displayed miraculous signs of spiritual accomplishment that have inspired generations of Buddhist practitioners. They immortalized these experiences in Mahamudra advice and songs of realization that have become sources of inspiration for students wishing to genuinely connect with this tradition.

Jetsunma Palmo will offer techniques from these sources for resting in the naturally pure and luminous state of our minds.  As these masters make clear – through stabilizing the meditative experiences of bliss, clarity, and non-thought – we  will be liberated from suffering in this very life and will therefore be able to benefit countless beings.

See the recently published The Supreme State of Mahamudra from which Jetsunma will select advice on which to give commentary.

Who is it for?

This retreat is suitable for all.  Jetsunma teaches at many levels will speak from her decades of experience and realizations to make her teachings accessible to practitioners at all levels.

  1. Learn how the Mahamudra techniques can illuminate the true nature of our minds
  2. Learn the instructions given by the great Kagyu masters to achieve Mahamudra.
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Additional Information
  1. Please plan on arriving between 3:00 and 5:00 PM on the first day of the retreat
  2. Please plan on departing approximately 2:00 PM on the last day of the retreat
  3. Consider reviewing our accommodations
  4. For more detailed information, please see our FAQ

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June 8 (Friday)
   3:00 – 5:00 PM Registration
   6:00 PM Dinner
   7:00 PM Vajrapani Institute Orientation Session
   7:30 PM Evening teaching session

June 9 (Saturday)
   7:00 AM Morning meditation
   8:00 AM Breakfast
   9:00 AM Session of teaching/meditation
   Noon    Lunch
   2:00 PM Session of teaching/meditation
   6:00 PM Dinner
   7:15 PM Tsog

June 10 (Sunday)
   7:00 AM Morning meditation
   8:00 AM Breakfast
   9:00 AM Session of teaching/meditation
   Noon    Lunch


  • 8 June 2018 to 10 June 2018

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Teacher Bio

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo smiling with prayer flags

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo was raised in London and while in her teens she became a Buddhist. In 1964, at the age of twenty, she decided to go to India to pursue her spiritual path. There she met her Guru, HE the 8th Khamtrul Rinpoche, a great Drukpa Kagyu lama, and became one of the first Westerners to be ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist nun. The international bestseller Cave in the Snow chronicles her twelve years of seclusion and retreat in a remote cave. Deeply concerned with the plight of Buddhist nuns, she established Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery in India. In February 2008 Tenzin Palmo was given the rare title of Jetsunma, which means Venerable Master, by H.H. the 12th Gualwang Drukpa, Head of the Drukpa Kagyu lineage in recognition of her spiritual achievements as a nun and her efforts in promoting the status of female practitioners in Tibetan Buddhism.

Teacher’s fees

Traditionally, spiritual teachings are considered priceless; remuneration of our teachers is not included in the fee information detailed on this page. Instead, we invite you to consider bringing a cash donation with you to express your gratitude for the teachings. (Participants get a chance to present a cash offering to the teachers on the last day of the retreat and this is supplemented by a donation from Vajrapani Institute.)


Fees (inclusive of accommodation and meals)

Option A is a slightly lower cost designed to allow as many people to attend as possible.  Option B reflects the true cost of hosting visitors and is higher as a result.  The accommodations are the same for both and you can choose whichever price suits your financial needs.

10% membership discounts are applicable for members.

NOTE: pricing revised 01/25/18

Option A Option B
Dorm $330 $390
Semi-private room $350 $395
Private room $410 $470
Private room – extra person $240 $299
Cabin $460 $550
Cabin – extra person $270 $360
Camping $310 $375
Commuting $250 $310

We want to make retreat available to everyone. With this in mind, we will gladly work out a payment plan with you. If you need even more assistance, we offer several scholarships. Please note that the scholarship deadline is one month before retreat begins.

If you have additional questions after reviewing the guidelines for payment plans and/or scholarships, please email the Office at