Ksitigarbha is Coming to Vajrapani Institute!


In January 2021, a gracious benefactor and student of Lama Zopa’s made an offer to create a marble Ksitigarbha statue for each FPMT center that requested it.  It has taken some time for their creation and we are happy to share that Vajrapani’s 2 meter tall Ksitigarbha is ready to ship!


In anticipation of Ksitigarbha’s arrival, we are preparing the land and creating a pure land to house this precious statue.  The location will be just behind the Enlightenment stupa and include a circumambulation path and the recommended landscaping aestetchics of a hilltop and water feature that’s usually associated with Ksitigarbha.


How you can Participate

While the benefactor is covering the cost to create and ship, it is up to us to create the pure land where this great Bodhisattva will reside on the land.  We have found a perfect spot, just behind the Enlightenment Stupa, where the Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha can stand prominently and look over the land and main gompa.  The location is perfect for anyone to stop by for a day visit, and for retreaters to have an additional space to circumambulate quietly on the land.


The cost to create this holy space is $18,500.


We invite you to participate in this wonderful opportunity of creating the home for this great Bodhisattva!  When completed this will be a beautiful pure land from which Ksitigarbha will watch over, bless, and protect our precious community.  Join us in making this happen, creating great merit for oneself along with sharing incredible blessings to every retreater, guest, animal, and sentient being that visits Vajrapani Institute for decades to come!


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About Ksitigarbha

Ksitigarbha is one of the four great Bodhisattvas (with Avalokitesvara, Samantabhadra, and Manjushri) from the time of Buddha Shakyamuni. Ksitigarbha has many visual representations, but usually takes on the appearance of a Bodhisattva, wearing robes, holding a mendicant staff in the right hand, and holding a wish fullfilling jewel in the left. It said in the sutras that Ksitigarbha pledged to not achieve buddhahood until all the hells are empty of sentient beings.  


In relation to the practice of Ksitigarbha, Lama Zopa has said that “it is especially beneficial to those who have heavy problems, serious health problems, big projects or financial difficulties.”  The practice of Ksitigarbha is also one used to protect land and crops, avert danger, and purify obstacles like earthquakes, fires, and other natural disasters.


Project Plans

The Ksitigarbha location will be found just beyond the Enlightenment Stupa, near the entrance parking to Vajrapani Institute.  The small hillside will be leveled and an small retaining wall added for protection.  A concrete base will be created for the Ksitigarbha statue, along with a circumambulation pathway and the recommended representation of a “mountain” and “stream.”


Project Timelines

  • July – land and tree work, create concrete base
  • August – Ksitigarbha arrives – installation
  • September/October – retaining wall completion
  • Winter 2024/2025 – water feature installation and project completion (pending weather)


Join us in creating this wonderful new holy space for generations to come!

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