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Lennie receives a blessing from Lama Zopa Rinpoche

What Are the Three Things A Dying Person Needs from You Most?

By: Catherine Slocock-Graham

First published on: 16th of December 2017

An Interview with Lennie Kronisch by Catherine Slocock-Graham Death is such a “depressing” scenario. Why even talk about it at all? Most of us would rather keep the skeleton tightly tucked away in the closet and pass the time thinking about something “a bit more positive”. But no! Stop! That, right there, is the nub of…

Judith on Old Age

By: Judith Hunt

First published on: 2nd of November 2017

On June 27, 2016 during  retreat with Venerable Rene Feusi, he asked long time community member Judith Hunt to give her perspective on old age. Her short speech was so inspiring that we wanted to share it with the community.  Listen, download or read the transcript below.   Listen to Judith Here: – or –…

A Farewell from Our Executive Director

By: Fabienne Pradelle

First published on: 10th of October 2017

Dear Friends, This posting is to announce that I will be stepping down from my role as Executive Director. I am writing these words with a heart filled with gratitude for the rare opportunity I have had in serving this organization for the past thirteen years. In our time together there have been positive developments…

After the Storm

By: The Vajrapani Institute Team

First published on: 28th of July 2017

Engineering a Solid Future A solid spiritual practice needs to be built on good foundations. Eventually we learn that it takes a steady, patient application of effort and attention … And the same can certainly be said for the building and maintenance of retreat centers. When you’ve got the long-term future in mind, solid foundations…

Dharma, Activism & Interfaith: Is It Time to Step Up?

By: Catherine Slocock

First published on: 15th of July 2017

It can be hard to see the current political and ecological situation, with its tides of divisiveness and uncertainty, as a gift. To do so, though, is potentially to step up and join the ranks of those who are ready to “go the extra mile” to help our suffering world. Essential though prayer and spiritual…

Thrashed by Extreme Storms

By: The Vajrapani Institute Team

First published on: 30th of May 2017

Mother Nature has a habit of showing us that we are not invincible and that everything we build and strive for is impermanent. Bizarrely, though, (and the Buddha had a thing or two to say about this) we humans insist on forgetting this basic truth again and again. Denial never really works for long, however.…

Highlights of 2016

By: The Vajrapani Institute Team

First published on: 10th of May 2017

Celebrating Our Record Breaking Year This was a record-breaking year. In 2016, you helped us share more retreats with more participants than ever before, spreading the wisdom of the teachings in a world that is so hungry for it. We invite you to take a minute to see the great things your support helped achieve…

The Poetry of Giving

By: Catherine Slocock

First published on: 6th of December 2016

It is my fervent wish and belief that in helping to manifest Lama’s vision we will truly benefit all sentient beings. Soon enough, I will, as will we all, no longer be able to enter the door, to pass beneath the Redwood arch welcoming me to the land, to see the white gompa watching down…

The Gift of Time

By: Venerable Tenzin Chogkyi

First published on:

The gift of time, attention, presence. Listening. Being. In the traditional Buddhist texts, the presentation of the paramita of generosity includes several components: giving of material things; giving the Dharma; giving protection, or fearlessness; and sometimes the generosity of loving-kindness is included. How do we offer loving-kindness to others? With our time. With our attention.…

Buddhism and the Path of Service

By: Julia Hengst

First published on: 26th of November 2016

In November 2016, Vajrapani Institute invited me to do a presentation for their Buddhism in Action webseries on the topic “The Path of Service and How Not To Help.” Most of my material is sourced from Dr. Isa Gucciardi, founder and director of the Sacred Stream Center in Berkeley, and Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche. For many…