We're Offering More Retreats Than Ever Before

Focusing on our internally organized retreats has been our main priority and it feels like we’re nicely on track! Almost 60 per cent of our visitors in 2016 were here to attend retreats organized in-house (often in close partnership with external organizations). We’ve also broadened the scope of what we offer: our schedule of FPMT retreats for 2017 (developed in 2016) consists of 20 retreats, encompassing a vast range of topics.

For the First Time Ever, Our Flagship LamRim Retreat Was Offered Twice

Traditionally our Kopan West retreat acts as a gateway for newcomers and also serves as a much-needed ‘refresher’ for established practitioners. We’re so excited to give people more opportunities to attend this potentially life-changing event and will continue this biannual rhythm in 2017.

A Ground-Breaking Four-Year Series of Retreats Was Successfully Completed

Delivered by Jungian psychotherapist and Buddhist practitioner, Rob Preece, Tasting the Essence of Tantra provided a powerful transformative vessel. One participant’s comment sums up the group’s appreciation:

“Rob’s background in somatic and Jungian psychotherapy and decades of Tantric practice moved me on every level: psychological, emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual. The precious container of Vajrapani Institute is truly giving birth to wisdom culture.” ~Janet L

We’re Providing a Safe Container to Wider Audiences

In 2016 we launched a ‘Safe Zone’ training initiative to help staff learn more about diversity and inclusivity. Meanwhile our Pay-It-Forward (PIF) generosity-based retreats are opening our doors to those who might not otherwise be able to come here. It’s working! The PIF retreats are free of charge and are made possible thanks to the generosity of donors.

We have a lot to look forward in 2017, but we also have a lot of work to do. Through the kindness and generosity of donors, we can recover from the devestating storms that caused severe damage to our roads and infastructure in 2017.