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Water, water, everywhere!

Extreme weather stretched us painfully beyond our limits this winter. More than 100 inches of rain fell between November and March, making our local town of Boulder Creek one of the wettest in California. Giant boulders, mudslides and falling trees compromised our road from December through February. Meanwhile our hydroelectric system was ripped out and destroyed by flood waters and severe storm damage forced us to cancel two big retreats. One of our immediate neighbors tragically lost his life trying to cross the creek after a big storm on President’s Day. It’s been a very intense time.

The rocky road to Vajrapani Institute

We are relieved to be up and running again now, back to supporting the sacred activity of retreat. Heroic efforts from staff and community members with chainsaws, excavators and shovels mean our road is back to reasonable shape. In fact, with the flowers blooming and the deer grazing peacefully, it’s hard to believe those scenes of destruction ever happened. But they did. The tough reality is that we have a lengthy list of expensive repair jobs to attend to and a huge chunk of income loss to recoup. As an interim measure, we have applied for a $150,000 emergency loan from the Federal Government. This buys us time, but it’s a loan, not a gift. We need to pay it back.

Our road, pre face-lift

Give to our Storm Relief Fund before July 31, 2017 and your donation will be doubled (up to the value of $10,000) via a matching fund from an anonymous donor. We’d like to express our heartfelt thanks to this donor and to each and every one of you. The generosity of our members and donors is the lifeblood of this organization and we deeply appreciate your care and involvement in helping us rise to this truly momentous challenge. This record-breaking winter was the worst to hit the Santa Cruz Mountains in more than thirty years. Achieving a full recovery is going to take a substantial investment of time and resources, not to mention exceptional teamwork and a solid dose of perseverance. But, as the old Billy Ocean song goes: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!’ With your support, we can do this. No question.

For pictures, details, and to hear our story, visit our blog post

Estimated Costs

Item Estimated Cost
Business Income Loss $51,000.00
Kings Creek Road Repairs $15,000.00
Hydro Replacement $12,000.00
Kings Creek Road Landslide Repair $10,000.00
Teacher’s House Landslide Subdrain $45,000.00
Soils Engineers Reports $6,000.00
Main Hall Retaining Wall $55,000.00
Total $194,000.00

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