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Family Camp 2014: Becoming Skillful

Jul 24, 2014 - Jul 27, 2014


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Family Camp

What is it?

Family Camp has been a popular highlight of our summer program since 1994. 

Its purpose is to offer children a foundation in Tibetan Buddhist thinking and practice, to remind or instruct parents in some basics of philosophy and rituals, and to foster the values of Dharma in daily life. In a delightful mix of play and structure, both kids and adults have the opportunity to do an art project or two, meditate in age appropriate groups, enjoy a docent-led nature walk, learn how to offer water bowls, do a fire puja and other traditional rituals, participate in or applaud a talent show, and much more.   It creates the opportunity for adults and children to share in shaping a family foundation in the Dharma.

Who is for?

Designed for children from age 5 – 12, and their parents or a significant adult.  

This Year's Theme:

This year, the theme will be Vajrapani, the enlightened energy of power and skillful means!  We will explore the concept of power; what does it mean?  How do you get it?  Does it come from outside ourselves or is it something we already have?  We will have discussions about skillful means and how to use our power to help others and ourselves.  This will be a very special camp, filled with big energy and big love!  

Camp Logistics:

Family camp begins on Thursday evening and finishes on Sunday mid-afternoon. Some families choose dormitory accommodations, while others enjoy a camping experience in our beautiful redwood forest.

Children are placed into three age groups: the Compassionate Cubs, Power Pals or Wisdom Warriors, while there is an adult track for Family and Friends.  A different Buddha, such as Tara or Vajrapani, is the theme for each camp; meditations, mantras and the qualities of that Buddha pervade the camp activities, including discussions that encourage practical ways of bringing new ideas and behaviors back home.

Camp staff range in age from teens to grandparents, and quite a few have been involved since the beginning. With a kid-friendly menu in buffet style, attention to each family’s needs and a spirit of community and cooperation, many of our campers say this is the highlight of their year and return annually. We invite new applicants to join the Vajrapani Camp family. 


Family Camp is offered at a suggested donation of $200-$500 per person.