Our Vision

The major panels of the wheel will include several representations of deities
The wheel will display a dorje in between the larger panels
The prayer wheel’s roof is to be modeled after Lerab Ling in France.
Carvings above the columns will also be inspired by Lerab Ling and contain traditional carvings from the Tibetan lineage

Our Team

Barbara Brown


Barbara Brown’s architectural practice has been actively focused on community-oriented and residential projects in the Bay Area. She is a UC Berkeley alumni and a long-time supporter of Tibetan Buddhist causes and sacred place building efforts.
Since 2010, Barbara has been working with the Tibetan Association of Northern California to assist their members in creating a vibrant community center building in Richmond, CA. She also participated in the design and construction effort to create the new Prayer Wheel Gazebo at Gyuto Foundation in Richmond Heights.

Bill Clopton


Bill’s first connection to Buddhism was December 1969 in a week-long retreat with 3 Tibetan monks he had met in London, England. As a general contractor he has over 30 years of experience specializing in home construction and remodeling paying careful attention to all aspects of a project from client/builder, workers, design and craftsmanship of materials.

Troy Stafford


Troy Stafford is a master craftsman with 20 years experience in the Fine Arts and Museum framing field. He has collaborated with artists, galleries, collectors, and museum curatorial and conservation staff on a range of museum and private projects involving the design and creation of custom frames and the restoration of antique frames. He was personally requested by Lama Zopa Rinpoche to do the elaborate carvings of the prayer wheel and is receiving direct instructions from him.

Bridget Brewer

Landscape Architect

Bridget Brewer integrates her extensive background in landscape design and construction with her architectural practice in Sonoma County, where she is a board member of US Green Building Council. Her landscape work includes wildlife restoration in urban environments. She has received grants to restore neighborhood parks and urban creeks in Oakland and Berkeley.  She has taught with the Insight Garden Program at San Quentin Prison as well as high school students planting food forests in Windsor.


Phase 1


All architectural designs and engineering plans are completed. Plans were submitted to the Santa Cruz County early November and are currently under review.

Phase 2


Pending on funds, the construction is planned in two phases: Summer 2017 and 2018. Completion is planned for Fall 2018.

Phase 3

Mantra Rolling and Placement

5 trillion mantras amount to 7,813 rolls of microfilm (640 million mantras per roll). The placement of mantras is scheduled for 2019.


Phase 1 & 2

Architect and Landscape Design $52,000
Contractor Fees $101,000
Engineering $10,000
County Fees $3,000
Foundation Structure $52,000
Construction $175,000
Copper Roof $60,000
Artwork Labor and Materials $82,000
Landscaping $75,000
Pro Bono Labor -$127,900
Total Phase 1&2 $482,100

Phase 3

7813 Rolls ($80/roll) $625,040
Material for Roll transfer $10,000
Labor for placement (pro-bono) $0
Total Phase 3 $635,040

Grand Total $1,117,140

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