Vajrapani Institute

Annual Report 2016

by The Vajrapani Institute Team
May 10, 2017

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Celebrating Our Record Breaking Year

This was a record-breaking year. In 2016, you helped us share more retreats with more participants than ever before, spreading the wisdom of the teachings in a world that is so hungry for it.

We invite you to take a minute to see the great things your support helped achieve here in 2016. Our theme for this year’s Annual Report is “Celebrating Wisdom Culture.”

Through Our Retreat Offerings

We hosted a record number of 745 people at our in-house group retreats in 2016, compared to 452 people in 2015. Participants had 23 different retreats to choose from: another record!


Through a Socially Engaged Buddhist Nun

Venerable Tenzin Chogkyi, previously a director here, returned in early 2016 and set to work as our resident teacher. It’s made a truly incredible difference having her here.


Through Our Prayer Wheel Project

We’re building a Holy Object that will spread vast blessings through the San Francisco Bay Area and the world.

Plans are ready and fundraising for our Compassion Wheel kicked off in late 2016.